During your stay, you will be meeting two naturopaths.

First naturopath has been a practising naturopathy in Perth Western Australia for well over 15 years. She has a special interest in the brain and mental health disorders like Autism, and how the disorder relates to the health of the gut. An appointment with her includes a specialised blood screening, requiring just one drop of blood – which is magnified to provide a visual presentation on a big screen display. The one drop of blood provides a microcosm of the entire body health. It can detect gut dysbiosis, or the naturopathic term ‘leaky gut’ and the disturbances in the gut flora that lead to it including overgrowth of yeast and other harmful organisms, and including the world of stealth infections that are becoming increasingly difficult for the immune system to detect.
The blood screening also provides an insight into immune dysfunction, inflammation, liver and detoxification issues in an individual, as well as nutritional deficiencies. with her expertise and knowledge she can then advise on the best nutritional and herbal supplements to support her patients. Natural medicine seeks to look at the underlying  causes of disease, treating the body as a whole – not merely providing symptomatic support. Another interesting test offered by her is a hair test that will tell you exactly which foods are compatible or incompatible for your personal profile, even before an immune response is experienced in the body. This enables you to lessen the  inflammatory load in the body without the guesswork when it comes to dietary intervention.
The second naturopath has been running his own practise in Perth since the beginning of 2011. He developed a greater passion for mineral therapy, gut health and paediatrics after his son was born in 2009. He believes every child that he sees can be better than they are now just by supporting their body to work better. The goal is to identify what is the specific weakness in each child and focus on this to improve the health of the child believing in the importance to work on the digestive system.
As the diagnosis of Autism sits inside the broad spectrum label of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children inside this spectrum can have a range of symptoms as a result of the complex interactions between infections, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and genetic mutations.
He uses functional testing to identify what is needed to be addressed first and the greater challenges that the patient is struggling with. Once identified what the most important areas to work on are, he then combines herbal medicine with nutritional medicine.

In his own words “We can achieve great improvements with sleep quality, language ability, concentration, behaviour and more in children once a holistic treatment is adopted. Every child can be better than they are now with guided, individualised treatment. Although in saying this, because of the complexities between patients, results can vary tremendously from a complete turnaround in diagnosis to subtle improvements in behaviour and learning. Parents of one child might email me to say they can’t believe things have changed so quickly and the teachers are saying their learning is skyrocketing. Another set of parents might sayin 4-6 weeks that their child has improved a little and the changes may be subtle, perhaps sleeping better or having better eye contact.”