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About Spectrum Healing Asia
About Spectrum Healing Asia

Our daughter who is 8 now, was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at the age of 4. No eye contact, don’t like the idea of being around others, echolalia, refused to be toilet trained, meltdowns, sleeps at 2am waking up at 7am and many others. We were completely lost as to what to do next. We were repeatedly told that there is nothing more that we can do for her except to get her into various therapies to improve her condition. We went into that route but saw very little result. We then decided to do our own research on ways to help her. Based on our limited findings, we ordered a couple of supplements from a company in the US that was supposed to be tailored towards recovering people with autism disorder but not only it didn’t help, we saw our daughter plunge deeper into the spectrum. We abandoned the idea of self medicating and decided to get professional help. Visited a biomedical specialist here and we were “sold” hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. 3 months passed and we didn’t see any improvements. Visited another specialist and again no proper tests were conducted. During the consultation, our daughter was not even examined and frankly, it would have made no difference if she didn’t come along. Again, we had to buy hundreds of dollars worth of supplements and together with the consultation fees, the bill came close to a thousand dollars. Although we saw an improvement with her sleeping habits and the fact that we were advised to restrict her diet to GFCF actually helped improve her condition. 6 months down the road, 2 more consultations and more money spent but no further gains. We approached private autism centres who claimed to be “specialists” and were quoted five thousand dollars a month for 3 hours of therapy 3 times a week. The follow-up calls from these centres were all the same…”Either you spend the money now and you spend a lot more later.”

We started to panic. She was turning 6 and full on with diapers. Met with several child psychologists for toilet training and still nothing. We attended the Son-Rise program, applied the techniques and it helped with her urinating in the toilet but not with pooping. At this stage, she was only able to communicate her wants in 1-2 limited word sentences. It was at this point that we decided to do more searching for help outside our own little island.

We did some research and made a trip to Western Australia. Met up with 2 naturopaths and they have made a huge difference in our lives. Laboratory Tests were conducted which led to the right supplements to be given to our little one. Our daughter is now more vocal, superb eye-contact, reduced stimming, gets at least 8-9 hours of sleep a day, initiates play, wants to be among other kids at playgrounds, fully off diapers and a whole lot of other improvements. We started seeing results within 6 months. We still have a long way but we knew then that this is the right path to go.

Along the way, we heard countless horror stories of parents being exploited. One parent shared her experience with a naturopath who charged her USD$800 for supplements that not only didn’t work, but would have cost half the amount if purchased online.

That’s when we decided that we have to offer this service to parents with special kids. Therapy is great for kids with special needs but just like a computer, you will need to make sure the hardware is ok for any software to work.

Perth is a beautiful place and it will be a shame if you would only come for treatment alone. Leisure activity is a must too for you and your kid and we are here to help you achieve both.